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Recurring events:


Venice Carnival
Variable period (February/March)


Su e Zo per i ponti (Up and down on the brigdes)
Non-competitive footrace across Venice


Non-competitive regatta of rowing boats


Saint Mark
Patron Saint celebration with procession to the Basilica
April 25th


Festa della Sensa (Ascension day celebration)
Hystorical parade
Variable day – 40 days after Easter


Festa del Redentore (Redeemer Day)
Fireworks show
Third weekend of July


Regata Storica (Hystorical regatta)
Hysotrical cortege and rowing boats regatta


Venice Marathon


Festa della Salute (Health celebration)
Pilgrimage to Salute Basilica
21 novembre


Event websites
Venice Connected
Meeting Venice
Venezia Eventi
Agenda Venezia


Permanent concerts
Interpreti Veneziani
Musica a Palazzo
Musica in Maschera
Ensamble Antonio Vivaldi
I Musici Veneziani
Virtuosi di Venezia
Opera House


La Fenicee Malibran
Fondamenta Nuove

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